Residential Rental Operating License

The City determined that it was in the best interest of its residents to implement a rental licensing program that works with all landlords in an effort to eliminate nuisances, to safeguard property and to create a peaceful and safe environment in the community.

Crime Free Rental Housing Program & Ordinance

The City’s Crime Free Rental Housing Program and Ordinance require all landlords to obtain a Residential Rental Operating License. The landlord or manager/agent must attend and complete a Crime Free Multi-Housing class before submitting an application for this license. To register for this class, persons may contact the Chicago Heights Police Department at 708-756-6333 or 708-756-6400.


The fees for each category of license range from $50 to $ 500 or more, depending on the number of rental units owned. All licenses are valid from date of issue to December 31st of each year, at which time a license is due for its annual renewal. All Residential Rental Operating License renewals are effective January 1st and expire December 31st of each year.

Code of Ordinances

Chapter 22, Housing, Article 1 in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Chicago Heights is available online.

(RRO) Residential Rental Operating License Fees

Dwelling Units Per Building License Fees
One Unit or Single-Family Residence $75
Two-Unit Building with Owner Occupying One Unit $50
Two Units to Six Units $100
Seven Units to 11 Units $225
12 units to 19 Units $300
20 Units to 50 Units $400
51 Units or more $500 (plus $2 for each unit over 50)

Renewal Form