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Real Estate Transfer Tax Description

  • When a property is sold in Chicago Heights, the seller is responsible for paying the Real Estate Transfer Tax.  Before the tax is paid, an appointment must be made with Code Enforcement (708-756-5328) and Water Billing (708-756-5344) for a final inspection and a final water meter reading.  Transfer tax payments are made in the City Clerk’s Office, and must be accompanied with a copy of the new deed to be recorded and a completed transfer tax application.

  • The real estate transfer tax is based on four dollars ($4.00) for every one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) of sale price as stated on the transfer tax application.  Please note that separate checks are required for each transaction: transfer tax, water bill, inspection, escrow, or lien payment.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and certified or cashier checks.   NOT accepted are personal, attorney, title company, real estate, or other firm checks.

  • See “Application & Instructions” link below for further details. 

Unincorporated Chicago Heights

When a property in unincorporated Chicago Heights is sold, the real estate transfer tax does not apply to the sale. The buyer should contact the City Clerk’s Office for a certified statement stating that the property is in unincorporated Chicago Heights. This certified statement will need to be presented by the buyer or his agent when recording the new deed at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds Office.

Chapter 39, Taxation, Article VII, in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Chicago Heights is available on-line.

Application & Instructions