Boards & Commissions

  1. Beautification Committee

    The beautification committee sponsors cleanups of neighborhoods, areas, or the entire city.

  2. City Council

    Contact your City Council members.

  3. Finance Committee

    Attend a local meeting of the Finance Committee and learn about City finances.

  4. Historic Preservation Committee

    The mission is to protect, serve, foster and perpetuate the distinctive architectural and historical qualities of Chicago Heights.

  5. Library Board

    Attend a meeting of the library board.

  6. Plan Commission

    The Plan Commission designates land suitable for annexation to the city and the recommended classification for such land upon annexation.

  7. Police & Fire Board

    The board of fire and police commissioners shall have charge of all appointments to the fire and police departments and shall conduct and hold all entrance and promotional examinations in the manner required by law.

  8. Special Events Committee

    The Special Events committee plans and executes several major events hosted by the city throughout the year.

  9. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Final administrative decisions made by the city planner regarding the interpretation of the provisions of the zone ordinance, shall be appealed to the zoning board of appeals.