Vacant Property Registration


The City of Chicago Heights Vacant Property Registry was established as a means to protect our neighborhoods from becoming blighted through the lack of adequate maintenance and security of properties that are vacant.

 Vacant properties can become a hazard to the health and safety of anyone who may come on or near the property and can adversely affect the aesthetic and economic attributes of communities. The City finds that there is a substantial need directly related to the public health, safety and welfare to comprehensively address these concerns through the Vacant Property Registry Ordinance.

 The Vacant Property Registry Ordinance requires the owner of a vacant property to provide the City with official information for contacting the responsible party for maintaining the vacant property in compliance with City code. Property owners are required by law to register the vacant property with The City of Chicago Heights within 15 days of receipt of notice identifying their property as vacant.

Registration Requirements

This program requires the mandatory registration and payment of a fee of $200.00 for all vacant structures and properties in the City limits of Chicago Heights. The owner shall allow for a code compliance inspection of the interior of the property which has a fee of $100.00. A property management plan needs to be submitted containing a plan of action regarding any repairs, demolition, board up or security of the property, etc. It will be the owner's responsibility to maintain liability insurance on all vacant and registered properties under their control. Proof of evidence of such insurance will need to be filed with the City.

Required Liability Insurance:

The insurance policy shall be in the following amounts:

Residential properties of one (1) or three (3) units $550,000.00

Residential Properties of four (4) to eleven (11) units $750,000.00

Residential Properties of forty-eight (48) units $2,000,000.00