Jim Dee - Treasurer

Phone: 708-756-5312

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The City of Chicago Heights strives to provide up to date and detailed financial information. If you are interested in a specific aspect of your local government and its finances,  the best thing to do is contact us directly. However, we also are interested in providing you an overview of the city’s finances here to help you understand the fiscal condition of the city.

The City Treasurer manages the City of Chicago Heights’ finances. The office provides financial management of taxpayer’s resources. The Treasurer is responsible for depositing all tax and fee revenues, paying the City’s bills, and keeping an accurate record of all financial transactions. 

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for preparing the City budget and tax levy. The Fiscal year of the City begins on May 1 and ends on April 30. 

Through a proper combination of tax levy and efficient use of funds, the City of Chicago Heights provides services and infrastructure repairs to maintain a viable environment for our residents and businesses. 



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