Water Disconnect

Discontinuation of Water Services

A shut off notice will be issued to accounts that are not paid in full within 15 days from the date of billing. If an account is not paid in full within 15 days of the shut off notice, water services will be discontinued.


If water service is terminated for nonpayment, there is a $100 turn off fee to restore water service. This fee must be paid in full in additional to the unpaid balance of the account before the water will be turned back on to the property. Any bills for water service remaining unpaid for thirty days after being due are declared delinquent and will be turned over to our designated collection agency. A 30% collection fee will be added on to the delinquent balance.

Collection Agency

Collection Agency Information:
  • MCSI –Municipal Collection Services, Inc.
  • Phone: 708-448-6669


If you’ve received a shut off notice and will be paying your bill online, please contact the Water Billing Department at 708-756-5344, and provide your Approval Code to a representative. Please understand that you are not automatically removed from the shut off list if you pay your bill online. You must notify the Water Billing Department to get removed from the shut off list.