Beautification Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Wednesday of every month
  • Library Basement

The committee would like prospective members to attend events that involve outdoor initiatives.


  • Ms. Margaret Burns-Westmeyer, Chairperson
  • Mr. Josh Deabel
  • Mr. Andy Gortowski
  • Ms. Valerie Kearns
  • Ms. Susan Paus-Gortowski
  • Mr. Dan Pizzoferrato
  • Mrs. Marilyn Sigler

Mission Statement

The Chicago Heights Beautification Committee is committed to the aesthetic improvement of the city with the goal of preserving our natural and historic resources for future generations. The committee will enhance the qualities of the city and promote public pride by developing and maintaining city gardens and landscapes. The volunteer members who comprise this group are committed to working collaboratively with the city departments and administrators to fulfill this mission.


This committee holds the following responsibilities; sponsoring cleanups of neighborhoods, areas, or the entire city. Serve by sponsoring neighborhood pride, by means of publicity campaigns, creating organizations or sponsoring special events.

Also, providing information on types of shrubs, trees, grasses and flowers that grow well in the city, and providing information on the proper care of same. Providing numerous awards and giving recognition to persons, with some categories of awards made available for the greatest progress, that is the greatest difference between the before-and-after condition of the premises or neighborhood involved.

This committee negotiates with owners of vacant land for permission to make use of the land for a period of time for neighborhood organizations, area organizations, or city-wide organizations for beautification of the city. Spreading information and urging cleaning up of the city by means of signs, booklets, advertisements, public service announcements on radio, public service appearances and announcements on television, and any other available means of spreading information.

Additionally, the committee coordinates cleanup activities and efforts between residents and various city departments; e.g., maintenance department, street department, etc. Making available to, and advising the mayor of, any information and research involving beautification measures. Once the cleanups are complete, the committee monitors the appearance of various neighborhoods throughout the city.