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Final Meeting May 3rd 2017 CH West Golf Course
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Mayor's Night Out

Over the past month, Mayor David A. Gonzalez has hosted several Mayor’s Night Out events through out the community. Similar to the format of a town hall meeting, the focus is on common topics including the proposed city budget, capital projects, services, and key issues affecting residents.  
At these community gatherings, residents are encouraged to engage in a dialogue with the Mayor and city department heads.  
Since the first gathering in March, the Mayor’s Night Out events have received an overwhelmingly positive reception with venues filled to capacity. Residents have been able to converse directly and openly with the Mayor and offer opinions and suggestions in a personal and informal atmosphere.

If you have not been able to attend a Mayor’s Night Out, the final event will be held at the Chicago Heights West Golf Course, Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:00 PM.
All are invited to attend. 

Crosstown Competition!

Chicago Heights Ballers are Champions!!!

City of Chicago Heights and Chicago Heights Park District staff and families volunteered during a fundraising event on behalf of the Chicago Heights Veterans.  In the spirit of March Madness, the Chicago Heights Ballers took on the Park District Hoopers in a fast paced, head-to-head competition last month.
After a close first half, the Ballers extended their lead and brought the crosstown trophy home to City Hall! 
Thanks to all who participated!

Community Resource Fair

This past week, the City of Chicago Heights hosted a Community Resources Fair at City Hall. The event was designed to give residents the opportunity to gain access and knowledge of services available  in the City of Chicago Heights. Members of the community were able to connect with local organizations, schools, and businesses.  The vendors in attendance included the Chicago Heights Public Library, Bloom Township Senior Department, Bloom Township Food Pantry, Old Second Bank, LegalShield, BMO Harris Bank, Aunt Martha’s, P.H.P., Prairie State College, and Charter Fitness. 

Community Resource Fair
Spring Tips and Guidelines
Yard waste disposal guidelines

Garbage and Yard Waste Disposal Guidelines

This is the time of year for cleaning up and cleaning out! Please read the following information regarding weekly garbage pick-up and yard waste disposal to ensure that you are complying with the requirements for disposal when you are working on improvement projects around your home, business or property. 

Garbage Collection

Republic Services begins garbage collection at 7:00 AM on their disposal routes. The following tips will help provide optimum service to residents on the scheduled weekly route in your area.

  • One bulk item allowed per garbage day. Pink tags are placed on a bulk item to indicate the item will be picked up at a later time that same day OR the tag will be checked for the specific reason the item will not be picked up. Click here to view the tags.
  • Carpeting will be picked up. It MUST be rolled and bound and cut into 4-foot lengths, not exceeding 14-16 inches in diameter.
  • Mattresses will be picked up by must be wrapped in plastic.

Yard Waste

Landscape contractors or lawn maintenance companies contracted to perform services on private property must remove all yard waste as part of the work they perform. Removal must be done by the end of the day on the day the work is completed. Individuals (property owner, homeowner) performing yard work on private property must dispose of yard waste in accordance with the requirements for local garbage collection or through a service provider. 

Yard Waste examples

    • Republic Services provides pick up of bundles of branches cut into five feet or less in length with no branches greater than four inches in diameter. Bundles mean that the branches are ties and secured with twine, rope, etc.
    • Any moderate size of unbundled branches that are approximately three feet wide by three feet high by three feet deep (one cubic yard).
    • Yard waste must be placed at the curb in biodegradable paper lawn bags or a lawn tote. Biodegradable lawn bags will be picked up without limit.

Contact Republic Services for a quote to pick up yard debris that exceeds the guidelines for yard trimmings, pruning, branch or tree trimming, Republic Services representatives are available by calling (708) 385-8252. Yard Totes are a reasonably priced alternative to biodegradable bags and have a larger capacity to hold yard waste. Please contact Republic Services at the number listed for more information. 

Republic Services
Spring Safety Tips

Try these safety techniques to prevent spring cleaning injuries:

  1. Remember to take frequent breaks and stay hydrated as you complete your cleaning project.
  2. Get help for moving heavy furniture.
  3. Clean the floor with a mop rather than on your hands and knees. Push the mop forward and back to clean small areas at a time, rather than leaning too far forward.
  4. If you must scrub floors by hand, kneel on a pad and do not reach too far in any direction.
  5. Vacuuming can put a lot of strain on the spine and neck. Keep the hose in front of your body at waist height, use both hands to push the vacuum, and walk straight across the carpet, then turn and go back. Avoid pushing and pulling in short little strokes.

  6. For bathtub cleaning, stand outside the tub with a long mop rather than sitting and leaning over the side.
  7. If you are washing high windows, use a secure ladder or step stool to stay level with the window rather than stretching your back and neck upwards for long periods of time. The same goes for painting.
  8. Lift items such as mulch, flower pots and other heavy objects by bending your knees and lifting with your legs rather than your back. Keep items close to your body and use both hands.
  9. Pull weeds with your legs and abdominal muscles tightened .
  10. Spring cleaning can be great exercise. Consider it a workout instead of work!
Yard Work Safety

Yard Work Safety

  1. Always wear protective clothing when you handle pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Never operate a mower in your bare feet and avoid wearing loose clothing.
  3. Never start a mower indoors.
  4. When refueling your mower, make sure the engine is off and cool. Do not spill gasoline on a hot engine-and DO NOT SMOKE while pouring gasoline.
  5. Never leave your mower unattended.
  6. Do not use electrical mowers on wet grass. 
  7. Store gasoline powered equipment away from anything that uses a pilot light.
  8. When pruning trees, be careful not to let metal ladders or trimmers contact overhead wires.

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